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Our Wines


IconView Wines Arrow A revival of the traditional “Native Sonoma Mixed Blacks”-- a tribute to Sonoma County’s incredible ancient vines.

Single Vineyard DesignatesView Wines Arrow What does it take to become a Ravenswood Single Vineyard Designate? A location ideally suited to the grape variety planted in it; old, low-yielding vines grown by meticulous and experienced growers; specific, consistently distinctive flavors that make the site unique; and, one can’t help but speculate, some unseen magic that bestows it with an inimitable aura.

County SeriesView Wines Arrow Showcasing the finest winegrowing regions of California with an emphasis on our Sonoma County heritage.

Vintners BlendView Wines Arrow These wines are big & unapologetic - crafted for those who refuse to flock to the latest fad. For over 30 years we've believed that authenticity, craft, & character always trump the latest trend.